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Teen-run Nonprofit Invited to Present Innovative Dropout Prevention Model at SXSW EDU® Conference 2018

Live It Out’s proposal has been selected from a record-breaking of more than 1,400 outstanding ideas submitted to present at the prestigious education conference to be held in Austin, TX, March 5-8, 2018


Conroe, TX: Live It Out, a nonprofit organization led by high school students, has been selected to present at one of the most important education innovation conferences in the nation: SXSW EDU 2018 in Austin,TX. Under the title “A New Approach to Reduce Dropouts: Teens for Teens”, Live It Out will present its innovative dropout prevention model before conference attendees which include education practitioners and administrators, business and industry leaders, government officials, nonprofit leaders, and students.


“We are very excited to present at SXSW EDU 2018 since this forum will accelerate Live It Out’s plans for expansion” said Juliana Esparza (HS Senior), president and founder. “Our organization has a unique formula that combines a top-notch training program on life skills, principles of ethics and corporate exposure together with a community led by teen leaders and teen volunteers. All together bound by a unique online community” indicated Mercedes Milke (HS Sophmore), vice-president and founder. “Live it Out program has been designed with care and love to help at-risk teens to awake their I-CAN spirit. It can help them to develop skills that are not often taught in schools today. It helps them to think very seriously about what they are passionate about so they can turn that passion into achievable goals.”  said Franco Soldi, co-speaker at the SXSW EDU conference.  Franco Soldi, a well known International Speaker, author and entrepreneur, is the CEO & Founder of YPD (Young Potential Development), an organization highly involved with the Live It Out initiative ( The YPD program is part of Live it Out’s offering and has been tested with thousands of kids, parents and teachers around the world. It is a unique, revolutionary and engaging education method aimed at developing the skill sets needed for a successful 21st century life. Live It Out’s goal is to impact around 150 families this coming 2018 in the Houston Area and also build a strong base of supporters and sponsors. “By 2020 we plan to reach thousands of families all over Texas and ultimately expand nationally and internationally” mentioned Juliana Esparza.


Live It Out is a non-profit organization of high school students who engage their community's resources to help at-risk high school students unravel their potential. Our mission is to reduce dropouts by helping teens discover their passions and motivations through leadership, communication, creativity, and energy skills. It was founded in September of 2016 by Juliana Esparza (HS junior) and Mercedes Milke (HS freshman), in The Woodlands, TX and it's first event consisted of a 5-day summer camp in 2017 at Sam Houston State University-The Woodlands Campus. For more information please visit, or or contact us at


The SXSW EDU® Conference & Festival fosters innovation in learning by hosting a community of optimistic, forward-thinking, purpose-driven stakeholders with a shared goal of impacting the future of teaching and learning. The eighth annual SXSW EDU will return to Austin, March 5-8, 2018, for four days of compelling sessions, in-depth workshops, engaging learning experiences, mentorship, film screenings, startup events, policy discussions, competitions, exhibitions, networking and so much more. Through collaboration, creativity and engagement, SXSW EDU empowers its global community to connect, discover and impact. For more information please visit